Dr. Ogden, a Florida Orthodontist Who Cares

ssmile4A relationship with an orthodontist is typically a long term one, making it important to choose a Florida orthodontist who you feel you can work with and trust for the long haul. Stretching pallets and moving and straightening teeth is a slow and steady process. While braces and orthodontic practices tend to be more common in youth, there has been a steady increase in adults choosing to straighten their smile.

No matter what your age, having an attractive smile has been proven to build confidence and self-esteem in just about anyone. Technology continues to change the field of orthodontics, allowing patients many more treatment choices than what used to be available.

Choosing a doctor who is up to date on that technology, however, is key. Dr. Ogden, an experienced orthodontist in Florida, prides himself in offering the latest and greatest in available treatment options to his patients.

As each patient is different, each patient requires and deserves a personalized treatment plan which includes the best straightening method for that individual. Dr. Ogden is one of the best orthodontic specialists of Florida and will help you choose the right treatment for your teeth, your budget and lifestyle.

Choose from modern techniques, such as Invisalign, In-Ovation C, or lingual braces. Invisalign uses plastic, custom-made mouth pieces that fit snugly over the teeth to move them into place. This is a great option for teenagers, as it can be removed for eating and drinking and for brushing the teeth. In-Ovation C uses a more gentle approach to teeth straightening. Lingual braces are similar to traditional metal braces, except they are attached to the back of the teeth versus the front, giving them the ultimate in invisibility. Dr. Ogden is a rare orthodontist in Florida who can offer his patients all three of these options.

A Florida Orthodontist Who Puts Patients First

Dr. Ogden understands that while orthodontic care is important to people, it is a large commitment, of time and money. He knows that when you're choosing among the many orthodontic specialists of Florida, you will consider a number of factors, such as convenience. Ogden Orthodontics has three offices in Central Florida – Clermont, Mount Dora, and Windermere – to make the regular checkups more convenient for you.

Many patients (or parents of patients) neglect to seek the care of a Florida orthodontist due to the high costs associated with braces. However, there are many options to make orthodontic treatment affordable to anyone. Not only does Dr. Ogden accept many dental insurance plans, but patients who qualify can also get approved for a credit line with no interest for up to 24 months.

With so many options in treatment plans and payment avenues, there is no reason not to schedule your appointment today with Dr. Ogden, a Florida orthodontist who cares.

Ogden Orthodontics

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