Get the Best Smile with In-Ovation C

vsmile4 More patients are finding that In-Ovation C braces are the ones that they want. While it’s not the system for everyone, there are a lot of benefits to this particular brand that can’t be found elsewhere. That being said, it’s remarkably popular with adults who find that they fit into a grown-up lifestyle for a number of reasons that traditional braces simply don’t. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth considering these fantastic braces.

Benefits of In-Ovation C

The first and most obvious benefit of getting In-Ovation C braces is that they are very well hidden. While they are often described as “clear,” they are actually made of porcelain and easily camouflaged against your teeth. They are much smaller than traditional braces as well, making them not only more difficult to notice, but also easier to clean, so the patient doesn’t run as much of a risk of tooth decay and staining.

In fact, regarding staining, they also are much less likely to stain either themselves or your teeth, because they don’t use wires or rubber bands, which are generally what can cause this problem. And since they don’t use wires or rubber bands, they are also virtually painless.

The generally pain free experience of these braces is another reason why adults are starting to use them more and more. Many had their teeth corrected as children and have watched them slide out of place over the years. This system provides an opportunity to fix that natural drift without necessarily looking like you are wearing braces or risking additional enamel loss.

Finding the Right Solution for You

At Ogden Orthodontics, we make sure that we let you know what is best for you. While clear braces are great for some people, they may not work with your teeth. Maybe lingual braces, which are mounted on the back of the teeth, are better suited to your situation. Or perhaps there is another solution altogether.

What you can be sure of is that we will give you a thorough examination and let you know what system would be ideal for your individual situation. You can trust that we will be honest and forthright, standing behind our recommendations 100 percent. It’s that reputation for honesty that makes us one of the foremost orthodontic specialists of Florida.

Whether you’re looking for braces for your children, or you want to correct the natural sliding that happens with age, make an appointment with Ogden Orthodontics and we’ll see if the In-Ovation C is right for you.

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