Invisalign Braces Are Clearly Comfortable

clearalignersThe Invisalign system is a recognized alternative to braces for teens and adults who have crooked teeth. This system of clear braces uses a series of BPA-free invisible plastic aligner trays which gradually move the teeth until they reach a correct alignment. The orthodontist uses a series of imaging techniques, including dental impressions, x-rays, and 3-D imaging using the iTero® digital scanning system to create a virtual map of your teeth. This image is then used by the orthodontist to create a series of custom fitted aligner trays which are much more comfortable than standard braces and can also be removed if needed. The aligners should be worn at all times and only removed while eating and brushing your teeth.

Unlike other form of braces, this unique and proprietary method of treatment requires that an orthodontist become specially trained and certified in it. Dr. Robert Ogden is one of a limited number of orthodontic specialists of Florida who is certified to provide this treatment.

Invisalign Requires Precise Imaging for a Precise Fit

The use of the iTero® digital scanning system allows a trained orthodontist to make an exact scan of your teeth, which is used to produce a 3-D image. By using this technology, the orthodontist can make a state-of-the-art orthodontic device that is truly customized to fit your mouth. For the patient, this translates into an aligner which will fit comfortably. In order to move your teeth and correct your dental alignment, the orthodontist will produce a series of aligners, with minor changes made to each one. Over time, these aligners will work to move your teeth to their new positions.

Cutting Edge Orthodontic Specialists of Florida

Ogden Orthodontics provides a variety of state-of-the-art choices for braces, including In-Ovation C, Invisalign, Smart Moves, the SPEED system, lingual braces, and also more traditional styles of braces. Dr. Ogden maintains memberships within a variety of national, state, and local professional organizations that allow him to remain current on the latest advances in orthodontic technology and procedures.

A Community Orlando Orthodontist

Dr. Robert Ogden is an Orlando orthodontist and a member of the Greater Orlando Dental Association. As a citizen of the Orlando area, Dr. Ogden actively volunteers for local area public schools and other charitable organizations. Providing quality reliable care is important to Ogden Orthodontics; patients are not just clients, but also friends, neighbors, and fellow members of the community. We believe, therefore, that it is important to be more than just an orthodontist. Orlando community members can trust Dr. Ogden to provide quality orthodontic services. Ogden Orthodontics maintains three different offices in the Orlando areas of Clermont, Mount Dora, and Windermere. All office locations are open during weekdays and offer Invisalign braces.

Ogden Orthodontics

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