Dr. Ogden: Leading Orthodontist in Florida

Dr. Ogden and FamilyIf you are looking for a trusted orthodontist in Florida, your search is over. Dr. Robert Ogden brings over 25 years experience to his three Central Florida orthodontist practices, Ogden Orthodontics. With offices in Clermont, Windermere, and Mount Dora, you have options to choose which of our offices best fits your own busy schedule.

One of the reasons Dr. Ogden is one of the leading orthodontic specialists of Florida is his commitment to providing quality, individualized orthodontic care to every one of his patients. No two patients are the same, no two mouths are the same, and therefore, no two treatments plans should be exactly the same. Many factors, such as the patient's needs, lifestyle, and budget must be taken into consideration when deciding the best course of treatment.

Dr. Ogden will provide you with all of your options and his recommendations, such as Invisalign or In-Ovation C. Invisalign is a popular choice due to its combination of invisibility and the ability to remove the plastic mouth pieces when eating or brushing teeth. In-Ovation C is a more gentle approach to braces, using less pressure to move the teeth into the desired position. Lingual braces give you the most invisibility, as they are traditional braces which are placed behind the teeth instead of in front. The process is a little slower with lingual braces, but for those patients looking for complete invisibility, it is a great option. Not every orthodontist in Florida can offer you all of these options.

Before teeth straightening begins, you might first need corrective treatment for an overbite or underbite. Orthodontics is not a fast solution, but instead a steady process, where you and Dr. Ogden and our staff will work together to create a winning smile!

As the best orthodontic specialists of Florida will tell you, it's not just the type of treatment that is important, but also when to start treatment. Some orthodontists begin treatment too early, before a child's teeth and jaws are completely formed. Providing the right treatment at the right time is vital to achieving the desired results, and Dr. Ogden will take your child's age and development into consideration.

Affording an Orthodontist in Florida

One of the biggest hurdles you may be struggling with is the cost of orthodontic treatment. Not only does Ogden Orthodontics accept most dental plans, as well as all major credit cards, but we also have an interest-free loan option which gives you 24 months to make payments on your orthodontic treatment plan, with no down payment required.

Selecting a Florida orthodontist is an important first step towards your beautiful new smile. Choose an orthodontist in Florida you can trust to have your mouth's best interest at heart!

Ogden Orthodontics

  • Ogden Orthodontics - 1805 Maguire Rd., Windermere, FL 34786 Phone: 407-909-3003
  • Ogden Orthodontics - 1381 Citrus Tower Blvd., Clermont, FL 34711 Phone: 352-242-0003
  • Ogden Orthodontics - 2110 N. Donnelly St., Suite 700, Mount Dora, FL 32757 Phone: 352-735-0004

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