When You Need an Orthodontist, Orlando, FL has Ogden Orthodontics

hsmile5 Dr. Robert Ogden is a caring and knowledgeable orthodontist Orlando, FL residents appreciate. He has put together a skilled and friendly staff and a practice that keeps patient care as the number one priority. Not only does he practice a variety of treatments to ensure that each patient can get the best option for them, but he strives toward convenience as well, while keeping each patient's best interest at heart.

Options like Lingual Braces and the Speed System

Ogden Orthodontics offers several different treatments to best suit each need. Patients looking for something quicker than traditional braces might want to consider the SPEED System or In-Ovation C. Alternately, patients who value less visible options might be happier considering Invisalign, Smart Moves, or lingual braces.

Dr. Ogden offers plenty of information on each of these systems so that patients can better understand their choices. With so many different types of treatments, Dr. Ogden can treat adults and youths while addressing both their orthodontic as well as their lifestyle needs.

Ogden Orthodontics Offers Convenience

Dr. Ogden brings convenience to his practice in a number of ways. Aside from offering a variety of orthodontic options to allow patients to find the method that best suits them, he strives to bring his practice closer to patients. Rather than practicing in a single location, he maintains three offices. Patients can visit Ogden Orthodontics in Windermere, Mount Dora, or Clermont to receive the same great patient care with their favorite orthodontist. Orlando, FL residents can find the office nearest them to better fit visits into their schedule.

For a Patient-Focused Orthodontist, Orlando, FL Sees Dr. Ogden

How many times has a medical treatment been a mystery? It can be confusing to understand all the options or make sense of the materials being used. Ogden Orthodontics values transparency, and works to make sure that each patient can understand their treatment. Furthermore, Ogden Orthodontics doesn’t cut corners by using lesser materials. We are focused on patient care and bringing the best we can to our patients. By offering high quality without inflating prices and keeping everything out in the open, we ensure our patients’ health and happiness.

Ogden Orthodontics brings quality, versatility, and convenience to our patients. Whether they are concerned with finding the nearest location or choosing the right treatment, Dr. Ogden gives his patients plenty of options to choose from. For a patient-focused and convenient orthodontist, Orlando, FL can do no better than Ogden Orthodontics.

Ogden Orthodontics

  • Ogden Orthodontics - 1805 Maguire Rd., Windermere, FL 34786 Phone: 407-909-3003
  • Ogden Orthodontics - 1381 Citrus Tower Blvd., Clermont, FL 34711 Phone: 352-242-0003
  • Ogden Orthodontics - 2110 N. Donnelly St., Suite 700, Mount Dora, FL 32757 Phone: 352-735-0004

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